You guys are ahead of the curve. I was in college before I knew the difference between linear 和 non-linear 电影s. This is an exciting high school. When you study the arts, you study life.”
— Roger Ebert, Film Critic

日博体育官方APP媒体艺术系为美国高中生推出了第一个全面的数字电影课程, 和 continues to be at the forefront of teaching storytelling through the mediums of 电影, 动画, 和 creative writing.

媒体艺术课程包括动画, 诗歌, 小说, 电影剧本创作, 电影, 摄影, 和 experimental design. 最重要的是,媒体艺术系专注于讲故事. The process-based program values workshop, a weekly critique session, 和 is designed to hone a student’s 的声音 和 ideas—和 their ability to communicate both to an audience.

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