校友故事:Morgan Clune (跳舞 '18)


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Morgan Clune (跳舞, 2018)从小就被舞蹈所包围. Growing up in Chicago she recalls attending shows of professional companies – like Hubbard Street 跳舞 – and expressing to her parents her interest in dancing professionally. Her ever-supportive parents held Morgan’s dreams close and together they found The Academy where Morgan enrolled as a sophomore.

毕业后, Morgan’s passion for dance took her to the world-renowned Juilliard School in New York City where she was one of 12 students selected for their dance program. Morgan’s path recently came full circle: she moved back to Chicago in the summer of 2022 and is now a company member of Hubbard Street 跳舞 (where she reunited with Randy Duncan for his world premiere, 爱无限). 



太怀旧了. 我又回来了. My time here was so special and before coming here –  I grew up dancing and in competitive dance – 你知道, 在中学的时候,你不会真正考虑你想要做什么来谋生. I never questioned it and I'm so grateful to have parents that never really questioned either. I think it was eighth grade or freshman year when we kind of paused and my parents and I were like – what are the steps to do what I want to do? 我知道我想以跳舞为生,但我真的不知道那是什么样子. 我开始看到更多的专业舞蹈公司, 比如哈伯德,还有来自其他国家和州的人,我心想“哇, 你可以以此为生?”. 我不知道它是怎么工作的,老实说,我现在正在弄明白. 一旦我知道这是可能的, we found The Academy and my parents really pushed me toward changing from public schooling to go to an arts high school. 

I transferred sophomore year from Barrington High School and I would take the train in with another 跳舞 student and two 音乐剧 students that were a year older, 所以他们已经知道了事情的流程. 一开始我有点害怕,因为我太喜欢学术了, 但在这里,我的大脑扩展了很多,我甚至不知道如何解释. 我不知道在一所如此注重你的技能的学校里会是什么样子. 我知道我喜欢跳舞,我想连续几个小时跳下去, 但对我的父母来说,努力找到(学业上的)平衡也很重要. 我不能再要求更多了. I learned so much and was so inspired through my morning classes that by the time it was time for dance class, I felt inspired and could turn on a different side of my brain to do a different kind of work. 这不是脱下大脑,穿上舞蹈服,这是一次完整的体验. 这是你在很多地方都做不到的. 

你认为日博体育官方APP为你进入茱莉亚音乐日博体育官方APP做好准备了吗? 那个过渡时期是怎样的?

我肯定会说这让我做好了准备. 我是仅有的几个来自艺术学校的学生之一, 但我可以看到,与其他学生相比,我的自信有所不同. Similar to how I felt stepping into this environment when I was 16 versus stepping into New York City when you’re 18. 我已经去过一个城市了, 我已经习惯了一直和艺术家在一起, 我已经受到挑战,用不同的视角来思考我的工作. 当然,这仍然是一个转变,仍然是压倒性的. 这是一个很大的变化, 你知道, 整天跳舞, 但 I definitely felt a bit ahead of other classmates in a way that I just felt more grounded in myself and handling the workload. 我们在高中学到的管理时间的技巧真是太疯狂了, 你的工作量, 如何上下班——你可能都没有意识到你正在学习的东西. 


真的很棒. 我是说,这很难解释. 我不可能计划或要求那样做. 四年前的这个时候, if someone told me that I would have been working with Randy Duncan at Hubbard Street I’d be like… no, 不可能! He is a dance icon in Chicago and Hubbard Street is known for being an iconic Chicago company, 让他们在一起本身就很特别. 我突然想起来了. 在我们开始学习舞蹈编排之前,他就开始教我们了, 我在那里展示了所有的组合——这只是肌肉记忆. His spirit in the room is really warm; everyone just enjoyed working with him so much. His dance also brought me closer with the company members and to be able to share his piece with the other dancers, 因为他的工作对我来说真的很舒服. 更不用说, being back at the Harris where I had performed Randy’s work in high school; it seriously was a full circle moment and a dream come true. 


哈伯德街每年有一个节目叫 在/出, which is a production run by all of the dancers where you can switch roles and play any part of producing a show. 如果你对编舞感兴趣,你可以编舞. 如果你对市场营销感兴趣,你可以成为营销团队的一员. 我所做的是预算和处理钱. 我决定挑战自己. I did something similar to this work where you had to produce a show at Juilliard so I learned a bit about that, 但 这是现实生活!

我们知道你对编舞很感兴趣. 请告诉我们舞者和编舞的区别.

我总是先做个舞者. My time at Juilliard gave me a lot of focused time on composition and opportunities to create, 老实说, 这让我很吃惊. I really fell in love with it because it's really cool to see yourself in other people – in your mannerisms or what you’re interested in exploring or saying through movement translated in a group of people is just incredibly interesting. I’ve always thought “I’ll dance now and choreograph when my body can’t dance anymore” 但 I was really pushed by my mentors to just do everything. 比如为什么要等? 它教会了我很多,我喜欢指挥、教导和领导一个房间. 我的教学方式和领导方式对我的成长产生了影响,这很有趣. I’d love to have something of my own someday, too, that can create something and get people together. 

What did you enjoy most about your time at The Academy and what do you think you will never forget?

这里有社区和家庭的感觉. It’s hard to explain 但 it’s unlike anywhere else; you feel supported, 然而,挑战, 真正看到了你是谁和你的潜力. Everyone here just wants to get you there and give you what they have to offer to see where you can take it. 我学到的很多东西都带在身边了, 但这里的人绝对是最棒的. 它真的让你的时间值得. I have so many amazing influences from this place that I’m still in contact with and that I still feel with me, 我知道这将伴随我的余生.

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I’ve heard horror stories about people who just despised high school and I always laugh because I get to think: “I’m on my way there today and I literally can’t wait!“我真的很幸运能有这样的感觉,我知道并不是每个地方都是这样的, 所以我尽量不把这视为理所当然. 我是在公立学校长大的,这对我很有帮助,但这里太不一样了. 你感觉很舒服, 在你生命中的这段时间里感到舒适是非常重要的, 尤其是当你真的在磨练一门手艺,发现你想做什么的时候. 这些年太重要了, 所以有一个像奥斯卡这样支持你的地方真是太特别了. 


Something important to keep in mind is that those teaching you and those leading you right now really do know what they’re saying and they’ve been there. 我们有时会陷入自己的泡泡里, 但一切都是有原因的, so respect all of the guidance you’re given and really observe and listen to the people here at The Academy. 一旦你毕业了,像这样的地方并不多. 享受你所处的环境,吸收你能从老师那里得到的一切, 来自学生, 来自工作人员. 这里的每个人都有自己的贡献, 如果我再来一次, 我只会更善于观察. 时间过得太快了,你很难记得把镜头拉近,看看谁在你身边. Trust who is leading you and that they know what they’re saying; really observe and soak in all of those around you. 


这个地方太棒了. 我很感激.

摩根即将与哈伯德街舞合作的作品, 在/出将于12月1日(周四)下午6点举行.m. 12月2日星期五晚上7点.m. 

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